Connecting to a Computer: Which Terminal Should I Use?

Electronic musical instruments have several external connection terminals, and one of the most convenient and easy to use for connection to a computer is the USB TO HOST terminal.

USB TO HOST terminal:

Use an AB type USB cable of less than 3 meters. USB 3.0 cables cannot be used.

The data that can be handled differs depending on the instrument you are using. Refer to the "Data formats compatible for transfer" column in "Target Models and Functions" or the Owner’s Manual supplied with your instrument.

Precautions when using the USB TO HOST terminal

When connecting the computer to the USB TO HOST terminal, make sure to observe the following points to avoid freezing the computer and corrupting or losing the data.


     Close all applications.

     Before turning on the power to the instrument, connect the computer to the USB TO HOST terminal.

     While the computer is connected to the instrument, you should wait for six seconds or more between these operations: (1) when turning the power of the instrument off then on again, or (2) when alternately connecting/disconnecting the USB cable.

If the computer or the instrument freezes, restart the application software or the computer OS, or turn the power to the instrument off then on again.