Selecting an Internet radio station

Select an Internet radio station and start playback.

  • To use this function, the unit must be connected to the Internet. You can check whether the network parameters (such as the IP address) are properly assigned to the unit. For details, see the following:
  • You may not be able to receive some Internet radio stations.
  • The unit uses the airable.Radio service. airable is a service of Tune In GmbH.
  • This service may be discontinued without notice.
  • Folder names are different depending on the language.
  1. Press NET to select “NET RADIO” as the input source.
  • The browse screen is displayed on the TV.
  1. Use the cursor keys to select an item and press ENTER.
  • If an Internet radio station is selected, playback starts and the playback screen is displayed.
  • To return to the top level while on the browse screen, hold down RETURN.