Charging this product

Before using this product, charge the controller.

Make sure to use the USB power cable that was included with this product. Also, when using a USB power adaptor, be sure that the adaptor is compatible with 5 V DC (at least 0.5 A) commercially available power output.

  1. Plug the USB power cable into the controller.
  1. Plug the USB power cable into the USB power adaptor.
  • The indicator lights up during charging, and turns off when charging is completed.
  • You may not be able to charge if you use a USB power cable other than the one included with this product.
  • You may charge from the USB port on your computer instead of using a USB power adaptor.
  • This product’s power will turn off during charging. You will not be able to operate or play music at this time.
  • When charging this product inside of China, be sure to use a USB power adaptor that is approved by CCC.