Playback of Bluetooth® device music on the unit

You can play back music files stored on a Bluetooth device (such as smartphones) on the unit.

  • When you use Bluetooth device controls to adjust volume, the volume may be unexpectedly loud, and it could result in difficulty in hearing or damage to devices. If the volume suddenly increases during playback, stop playback immediately.
  1. Select “Bluetooth” as the input source.
  1. On the Bluetooth device, select the unit (network name of the unit).
  • If the pass key is required, enter the number “0000”.
  1. On the Bluetooth device, start playback.
  • The playback screen is displayed on the TV.
  • If the unit detects the Bluetooth device previously connected, the unit automatically connects to it. To establish another Bluetooth connection, first terminate the current Bluetooth connection.
  • You can adjust the unit’s volume from the Bluetooth device during playback.
  • To terminate the Bluetooth connection, perform one of the following operations.
  • Perform the disconnect operation on the Bluetooth device.
  • Select an input source other than “Bluetooth” on the unit.
  • Select “Disconnect” in “Audio Receive” in the “Setup” menu.
  • The Bluetooth indicator on the front display lights up while the unit is connected to a Bluetooth device.