Basic Operations

Starting VST Rack

VST Rack icon
  1. Double-click the icon on the desktop to start VST Rack.
    If a license is found in eLicenser at startup, the MAIN window is displayed.

・If a license is not found in eLicenser at startup, an error window will be displayed. Click the OK button to exit the application, activate a license, and then start the application.
・You can also start the application by clicking (or double-clicking) a project file (with the .vstrack extension) created in VST Rack. VST Rack starts, and the file is loaded.
・When started for the first time, or when a new plug-in is added, it takes some time for the application to start up.
・When using a Mac, microphone input must be allowed in “System Preferences” > “Security & Privacy” > "Privacy". After VST Rack starts up, you might be asked to allow access to the microphone.

Operating the Software

  • Some knobs and sliders/faders in each software can be returned to their default values by holding down the [Ctrl]/[command] keys and clicking them.

  • Some knobs and sliders/faders in each software can be finely adjusted by holding down the [SHIFT] key while dragging them.

About Files

The following files are used in VST Rack.

  • Project files (.vstrack extension) : Files that contain all VST Rack settings

  • Rack presets (.rackpreset extension) : Files that contain plug-in configurations and the parameter values of each plug-in and input/output gains of rack