Updating the firmware

The firmware on this product can be updated to add new functionality, rectify product issues and so on. Updates are performed using Headphones Controller.

For more details on the contents of updates, see the product information page on the Yamaha website.


For stable data communication between this product and your Bluetooth device, update the firmware in a place where the signal is good.

Do not do the following while the firmware is being updated.

  • Connecting the controller to a power source for charging
  • Turning the power of this product off
  • Closing the Headphones Controller app, or using another app
  • Turning your smartphone off
  • Canceling the connection between your smartphone and this product
  1. On the main screen of the Headphones Controller app, open the menu.
  1. Tap “Confirm Firmware Update”.
  • If new firmware has been released, you will see instructions on how to perform the update. Install the firmware by following the instructions on the screen.