Flow of the speaker configurations

Before using the unit, adjust the speaker settings such as volume balance and acoustic parameters. With the supplied YPAO microphone, the unit detects speaker connections and measures the distances from them to your listening position(s) that is measuring position(s). And then, the unit automatically optimizes the speaker settings such as volume balance and acoustic parameters. (YPAO: Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer)

  • During the measuring process, test tones are output at high volume. You cannot adjust the volume.
  • During the measuring process, stay in a back corner of the room and note the following for accurate measurement.
  • Keep the room as quiet as possible.
  • Do not block sound between the speakers and the YPAO microphone.
  • Do not connect headphones.
  1. Select the unit’s speaker impedance settings as necessary.
  1. Configure the corresponding speaker settings.
  1. Set the volume of the subwoofer to half. If the crossover frequency is adjustable, set it to maximum.
  1. Place the YPAO microphone at your listening position (same height as your ears).
  • We recommend the use of a tripod as a microphone stand and adjust your listening position (same height as your ears). You can use the tripod screws to stabilize the microphone.
  1. Connect the YPAO microphone to the YPAO jack.
  • The following screen appears on the TV.


Setting of “Power Amp Assign” in the “Setup” menu


(U.S.A. and Canada models only) Setting of “Speaker Impedance” in the “Setup” menu

  1. According to the guidance displayed on the screen, start the measurement.
  • The following screen appears on the TV when the measurement finishes.
  • After confirming the measurement results, press ENTER.


The number of speakers (front side/rear side/subwoofer)


Speaker distance (nearest/farthest)


Adjustment range of speaker output level


Warning message (if available)

Speaker indicator with “*” shows the target speaker of a warning message.

  1. Select “Save” to apply the measurement results to the speaker settings.
  1. Disconnect the YPAO microphone from the unit.
  • This completes optimization of the speaker settings.
  • The YPAO microphone is sensitive to heat, so should not be placed anywhere it could be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures (such as on top of AV equipment).
  • An error message may appear during the measurement.
  • To cancel the operation, disconnect the YPAO microphone before starting the measurement.