About VST Rack Elements

  • VST Rack Elements is a plug-in host software product for Mac and Windows PCs that processes audio using a diverse range of VST plug-in effects such as delays, maximizers, reverbs and more. This software uses the widely recognized Steinberg audio engine featured in Nuendo and Cubase, offering sound engineers a stable VST plug-in environment with high audio quality.

  • VST Rack Elements is bundled with many classic Steinberg VST plug-ins that have been used in Steinberg digital audio workstations. This provides you access to high-quality effects without any need to purchase new VST plug-ins.


  • VST Rack Elements V1.5 Installation Guide (PDF)
    Describes how to install VST Rack Elements V1.5.

  • VST Rack Elements V1.5 User’s Guide (PDF/HTML)
    Describes all of the items that are required to configure and operate VST Rack Elements V1.5.

  • VST Rack Elements V1.5 Plug-in Reference (this manual)
    Describes the plug-in parameters in detail.


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