Audio Return Channel (ARC)

ARC allows you to input TV audio to the unit with the HDMI cable which transmits video signal to the TV.

Check the following after the HDMI Control settings.

  • For details on the HDMI Control settings, see the following:
  1. Select a TV program with the TV remote control.
  1. Check that the input source of the unit will be automatically switched to “AUDIO1” and the TV audio will be played back on the unit.

If you cannot hear the TV audio, check the following:

  • ARC” in the “Setup” menu is set to “On”. For details, see the following:
  • The HDMI cable is connected to the ARC-compatible HDMI jack (HDMI jack marked “ARC”) on the TV.

Some HDMI jack on the TV is not compatible with ARC. For details, refer to the instruction manual for the TV.

  • If the audio is interrupted while using ARC, set “ARC” in the “Setup” menu to “Off” and use a digital optical cable to input TV audio to the unit. For details, see the following:
  • When using ARC, connect a TV with an HDMI cable that supports ARC.
  • AUDIO1” is set as TV audio input at the factory. If you have connected any external device to the AUDIO 1 jacks, use “TV Audio Input” in the “Setup” menu to change the TV audio input assignment. To use the SCENE function, you also need to change the input assignment for SCENE (TV). For details, see the following: