Setting the size of the front speakers

Selects the setting according to the size of your front speakers.

Setup menu

Speaker” > “Configuration” > “Front



Select this option for small speakers.

The subwoofer will produce front channel low-frequency components (configurable in “Crossover”).


Select this option for large speakers.

The front speakers will produce all of the front channel frequency components.

  • When configuring the speaker size, as a general guideline, select “Large” if the woofer diameter of your speaker is 16 cm (6‑1/4”) or larger, or “Small” if it is smaller than 16 cm (6‑1/4”).
  • Front” is automatically set to “Large” when “Subwoofer” is set to “None”. For details on “Subwoofer” in the “Setup” menu, see the following: