Setting the use of surround back speakers and their size

Selects the setting according to the use and size of your surround back speakers.

Setup menu

Speaker” > “Configuration” > “Surround Back



Select this option for small speakers.

The subwoofer or front speakers will produce surround back channel low-frequency components (configurable in “Crossover”).


Select this option for large speakers.

The surround back speakers will produce all of the surround back channel frequency components.


Select this option when no surround back speakers are connected.

The surround speakers and subwoofer (or front speakers) will produce surround back channel audio.

  • When configuring the speaker size, as a general guideline, select “Large” if the woofer diameter of your speaker is 16 cm (6.1/4”) or larger, or “Small” if it is smaller than 16 cm (6.1/4”).
  • When using surround back speakers, be sure to connect the surround back left and right speakers. Using only one surround back speaker was discontinued.
  • Surround Back” is not available when “Surround” is set to “None”, or when “Layout (Surround)” is set to “Front”. For details, see the following: