Registering a Bluetooth device (pairing)

When first connecting this product to a Bluetooth device, follow the steps below to register (pair) this product with that device.

  1. Set this product to pairing mode.
  • With the power turned off, hold down the Function key until the indicator flashes as shown in the illustration below. You will hear the “Pairing” audio message in the earphone, and the earphone will enter registration (pairing) standby mode.
  1. Activate the Bluetooth function on the Bluetooth device.
  • A list of Bluetooth devices that can be connected will be shown.
  1. Select this product from this list on your Bluetooth device.
  • If successfully connected, you will hear the “Pairing Successful” audio message.
  • The indicator on this product lights up blue (for about 20 seconds).
  • Pairing standby mode will automatically end after about two minutes. To register again, start from step 1.
  • Up to 8 devices can be registered with this product. From the 9th device on, older registrations will be deleted (the oldest is deleted first).
  • If a passkey is required when connecting, input “0000”.