Setting up a wireless connection using an iPhone

You can set up a wireless connection by applying the connection settings on iPhone.

Before proceeding, confirm that your iPhone is connected to a wireless router.

  • You need iPhone with iOS 7 or later.

Setup menu

Network” > “Network Connection” > “Wireless(Wi-Fi)

  1. Select “WAC(iOS)”.
  1. According to the on-screen guidance, connect to the network wirelessly.
  • When the sharing process finishes, the unit is automatically connected to the selected network.
  • This completes the network settings.
  • This process will restore the default settings for the following.
  • Network settings
  • Bluetooth settings
  • Bluetooth, USB, media server and network content registered as shortcuts
  • Internet radio stations registered to “Favorites”
  • Account information for the network services
  • This configuration does not work if the security method of your wireless router (access point) is WEP. In this case, use other connection method.
  • If the unit is connected with a network cable, a warning message is displayed on the TV. Disconnect the network cable from the unit, and then set up a wireless connection.