iPhone/iPad Connection Manual

Glossary of Terms

Access point

A device which acts as a base station when transmitting data by wireless LAN. Some access points are combined with modem functions.


An Internet connection technology/service (such as ADSL and optical fiber) that allows for high- speed, high-volume data communication.


A huge network made up of networks, the Internet allows high-speed data transfer among computers, mobile phones and other devices.


Short for Local Area Network, this is a data-transfer network that connects a group of computers at a single location (such as an office or home) by means of a special cable.


Location information in other sentences and images, etc. that are under buttons and character strings on a web page. When the place with the link is clicked, the page selection jumps to the relevant link.


A device which connects and allows data transfer between a conventional telephone line and a computer. It converts the digital signals from the computer to analog audio for sending over the phone line, and vice versa.


A communications business that offers Internet connection services. In order to connect to the Internet, it is necessary to contract to a provider.


A device that allows multiple devices (e.g., computers, your Yamaha instrument) to share the same Internet connection.

Security setting of access point

Protects data passed from various access points from being intercepted from an unauthorized person/device.


A hardware system or computer used as a central point for a network, providing access to files and services.


Short for “website,” this refers to the group of web pages that are opened together. For example, the collection of web pages whose addresses begin with “http://www.yamaha.com/” is referred to as the Yamaha site.


A name used to identify a particular access point, or the wireless networks set as the access point.

USB Wireless LAN Adaptor

A device which allows wireless LAN connection.


A standard of security format of wireless LAN.

Wireless LAN

A LAN connection that allows data transfer through a wireless, cable-free connection.

Wireless network

Wireless network where signal is sent and received by using electric waves.


A standard of security format of wireless LAN. It is more secure than the WEP format adopted in the past.


A structure to easily make a setting of wireless LAN by pushing only the WPS buttons of an access point and the wireless LAN device.