This area lets you switch between STAGEPAS Controller’s screens, and shows scene information.


Icon colors indicate the status of the unit. The gray icon indicates that the unit is offline. When the unit is connected online, this icon becomes white.
If the temperature of the unit reaches an alarming range, the icon color will change to yellow (ERROR) or red (WARNING).


(STAGEPAS200 only)
The battery icon indicates the battery charge status. Depending on the battery charge level, the icon color changes to yellow (caution: the level is below 20%) or red (alarm: the level is below 10%).

Device name

You can specify a device name by tapping the [Device Settings] button, located to the lower right of the SETTINGS screen , to access the naming field.

Here you can recall and store sound-related settings as a scene. You can store up to eight scenes.

Tap to access the STORE screen where you can store scenes.


  • Scenes are saved in the STAGEPAS unit itself.

  • No.0 Initial Data is a factory preset scene, and cannot be stored, edited, or deleted.

Switching screens
This area lets you switch between STAGEPAS Controller’s screens.