Selecting the output speakers

Press the SP A/B key to select the output destination speaker.

Each time it is pressed, it switches between the speakers in the order A, B, A+B, Off. You can check which speakers are selected on the front display.

  • A: Outputs from the speakers connected to the A jacks.
  • B: Outputs from the speakers connected to B jacks.
  • A+B: Outputs from both the A and B jacks. Use this setting when connected with bi-wiring.
  • Off: No output from speakers connected to the A or B jacks.
  • This operation can be done also with SPEAKERS on the front panel.
  • Regardless of the speaker selection, audio is always output to the PRE OUT jacks.
  • If the speakers are connected with bi-wiring, select A+B.
  • When headphones are connected, no audio is output from the speakers or PRE OUT jacks.