Selecting an input source

To play music, select the desired input source.

  1. Turn ON an external device.
  1. Press an input source selection key to select an input source.
  • Selects the input source from the following.
  • PHONO key: audio from turntable (record player) input via the PHONO jacks.
  • LINE 1/2 keys: audio input via the LINE 1/2 jacks.
  • TV key: ARC-compatible TV audio input via the TV [ARC] port.
  • CD key: audio input via the CD jacks.
  • USB DAC key: computer audio input via the USB port.
  • OPT 1/2 keys: audio input via the OPTICAL 1/2 jacks.
  • COAX key: audio input via the COAXIAL jacks.
  • TUNER key: audio from a radio station.
  • BLUETOOTH key: audio from a device, such as a smartphone, connected via Bluetooth.
  • NET key: audio input via the NETWORK jack or wirelessly.
  1. Operate an external device to start playback, or select a radio station with this product.
  • You can also turn INPUT on the front panel to select the input source.
  • For information on operating your external device, refer to its operating manual.