Turning the power ON

Turn the product ON.

  1. Press the z (Power) Switch on the front panel.
  • The power comes ON and the Power Indicator lights up.
  1. When the following message is shown on the front display, press RETURN on the front panel.
  • When you connect this product to the router with a network cable (wired connection), this operation is skipped.
  • It may take about 30 seconds for the message to be shown. The portion marked with “*” varies depending on the device.
“Wireless WAC” Display
  • The WAC (Wireless Accessory Configuration) function is for applying the wireless settings of an iOS device to another device and wirelessly connecting to the network. The steps for connecting to a network using MusicCast Controller are explained in the chapter “PREPARATION”. Therefore, how to cancel WAC is explained here.
  • The WAC message is displayed the first time you use the product and after it is initialized.
  • It takes several seconds from turning the power ON until audio is played.
  • After turning the power OFF, do not try to turn it ON again for at least 10 seconds. Doing so may generate some noise.

Operating the power with the remote control

When the z (Power) Switch on the front panel is ON, the product switches between ON/Standby each time the z (Power) key on the remote control is pressed.

  • When the product's power is in Standby, to turn the power ON without using the remote control, press the z (Power) Switch to turn it OFF momentarily, and then press it again to turn it ON again.