New functions of EAD10 version 2.0

This section describes the new functions of EAD10 version 2.0.

Using the New Functions


The Talkback function is used to pick up your voice, letting you add narration to a video of your drum performance.

caution CAUTION
DO NOT hit any drum head when using Talkback. Extremely loud sound may result and possibly damage your hearing because of the microphone’s high sensitivity.

  1. Press the [ sensor icon ] (Sensor Unit) button.
    The SENSOR UNIT screen appears.

  2. Press the [ sensor icon ] (Sensor Unit) button again to start Talkback.
    quick 6 1

  3. The knob flashes dimly.

  4. Use the [–] or [+] buttons to adjust the microphone input level.
    quick 6 1 1

  5. Press the button below “OK” ([F3]) or [] (Sensor Unit) button to exit from Talkback.
    quick 6 1 2

Switching Talkback On/Off with the Pad Function


talkBkOn/Off: Switches Talkback on and off when the pedal is pressed or when the pad is struck.
talkBkHoldSw: Switches Talkback on when the pedal is pressed and held or when the pad is struck strongly. Also, switches Talkback off when the pedal is released or when the pad is struck softly.

Adjusting the Noise Gate parameters


The Noise Gate effect helps to reduce noise. Adjust the parameters below in case significant noise results when the microphone gain is raised.

MicNoiseGate Threshold
Range: -90dB - -42dB

MicNoiseGate Release Time
Range: 5ms - 1000ms

Noise Reduction from Connecting Cables


This function can reduce the noise generated by cable movement during your playing.

Settings: On/Off

Click Out Routing Function


Added the “All” setting to Click Output.
You can send the Click sound to the OUTPUT [R]/[L/MONO] jacks, [PHONES] jack, USB audio output, and the recorder by setting this parameter to “All.” The “All” setting is convenient for checking the accuracy of your drum performance along with the recorded click sound.