Setting the equalizer

Selects the type of equalizer to be used and adjusts the tone.

Setup menu

Speaker” > “Equalizer” > “EQ Select



Applies the parametric equalizer values obtained by the YPAO measurement.


Select this option when you want to adjust the equalizer manually.


Does not use the equalizer.

When selecting “GEQ

  1. Use the cursor keys to select “Channel” and to select the desired speaker channel.
  1. Use the cursor keys to select the desired band (frequency) and to adjust the gain.
  • Setting range
  • -6.0 dB to +6.0 dB
  1. Press SETUP.
  • This completes the settings.
  • Test tone output helps you to adjust the equalizer while confirming its effect. For details, see the following:
  • PEQ” is available only when the YPAO has been performed. For details on the YPAO, see the following: