Playback of USB flash drive content

You can play back music files stored on a USB flash drive on the unit.

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB jack.
  1. Select “USB” as the input source.
  • The browse screen is displayed on the TV. If playback is ongoing on your USB flash drive, the playback screen is displayed.
  1. Select an item.
  • Playback starts and the playback screen is displayed.
  • To return to the top level while on the browse screen, hold down RETURN on the remote control.
  • If the USB flash drive contains many files, it may take time to load them.
  • The maximum limits of playback are 500 music files. The folder structure of your USB flash drive may reduce the maximum limits.
  • Stop playback of the USB flash drive before disconnecting it from the USB jack.
  • Connect a USB flash drive directly to the USB jack of the unit. Do not use extension cables.
  • The unit does not supply power to the USB flash drive while it is in standby mode.
  • You can configure the shuffle/repeat settings for playback of contents.
  • You can register contents as shortcuts and access them directly.
  • When you connect a USB flash drive to the USB jack on the unit for the first time, the unit starts automatically to play back the content at the head of the top-level folder (root folder) on the USB flash drive.