Displaying the DAB information

Model For
  • U.K., Europe, Russia and Australia

The unit can receive various types of DAB information when it is tuned into a DAB radio station.

  1. Tune in to the desired DAB radio station.
  1. Push and rotate SELECT/ENTER on the front panel to select between the various display items.
  • The information appears on the front display.

Service Label

Station name

Dynamic Label

Information on the current station

Ensemble Label

Ensemble name

Program Type

Station genre

Date and Time

Current date and time

Audio Mode

Audio mode (monaural/stereo) and bit rate

CH Label/Frequency

Channel label and frequency

Signal Quality

Signal reception quality (0 [none] to 100 [best])

DSP Program

Sound mode name

Audio Decoder

Decoder name

Output CH

Sound outputting speakers

HDMI Status

HDMI jacks information (connection etc.)

Zone Status

Zone information (enabled or disabled)

System Status

System information (eco mode etc.)

  • Some information may not be available depending on the selected DAB radio station.