Registering a scene

You can change the default setting assigned to each SCENE key. When “NET”, “USB” or “TUNER” is selected for the input source, you can register the assigned radio station or content.

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  1. Prepare the unit’s settings you want to assign to a scene.
  1. Hold down the desired SCENE key on the remote control until the following message appears.
  • On the front display: Setting Complete
  • On the TV: Setting Complete
  • This completes the registers.
  • We recommend registering the scene while playing back the content that you want to register.
  • You can change the SCENE name displayed on the front display or on the TV.
  • You can configure more detailed scene assignments in “Scene Setting” in the “Setup” menu.
  • The SCENE function can be registered in each zone. Set the zone switch to the zone in which you want to register a scene.
  • To use HDMI Control and synchronized operations, you need to configure the HDMI settings on the unit.