Making it easier to hear bass and treble at low volumes (LOUDNESS)

It lowers the volume of the midrange and allows the listener to enjoy natural sound even at low volumes by compensating for the human auditory characteristic that makes it difficult to hear bass and treble at low volumes.

  • If you enable Pure Direct after adjusting LOUDNESS, the input signal bypasses the loudness adjustment function and the volume increases suddenly. To protect your ears and the speakers from damage, always check the state of LOUDNESS before enabling Pure Direct, and if it is set to any position other than FLAT, lower the volume.
  1. Put LOUDNESS to the FLAT position.
  1. Turn VOLUME up to the maximum level at which you normally listen to music.
  1. Turn LOUDNESS counterclockwise to a moderate volume.
  • If the YPAO Volume function is enabled, loudness adjustment cannot be used.
  • When Pure Direct is used, the settings are disabled (equivalent to the FLAT position).
  • After making the settings, if the loudness effect is too strong (or weak) when played at your desired volume, adjust it again.