Making a wireless connection with your iPhone (WAC)

Apply the network settings of your iPhone (iOS device) to this product to set up a wireless connection.

Before starting setup, check and make sure your iPhone is connected to the wireless LAN router (access point).

Setup menu

Network” > “Connection” > “Wireless (Wi-Fi)

  1. Select “Share Wi-Fi (iOS)” with the cursor keys (q/w).
  1. While the Wi-Fi indicator is flashing, enter the Wi-Fi Settings screen of your iOS device, and set this product to the AirPlay speaker.
  1. Select the wireless network (access point) which is shared with this product.
  • After the sharing operation is complete, this product will connect automatically to the selected wireless network (access point).
  • And the Wireless LAN indicator on the front panel will light up.
  • This completes the wireless connection process.
  • The following settings are initialized.
  • Network settings
  • Bluetooth settings
  • Content registered to presets (songs from a media server, Internet radio stations, etc.)
  • Account information of the various music services
  • Repeat/shuffle settings
  • This product cannot connect to a wireless LAN router (access point) using the WEP encryption method. In such case, try a different connection method.
  • A warning message is displayed if a network cable is connected to this product. Unplug the network cable before operating the product.
  • If an AirPlay password has been set up, cancel it temporarily and connect using WAC.