Selecting a radio station

You can use the this product’s built-in tuner to listen to the radio.

  1. Switch the input to “TUNER”.
  • The currently selected frequency is shown on the front display.
  1. Press the TUNER key to switch to the next reception band.
  • FM/AM (Models for U.S.A., Canada, China, Korea, Asia, and Taiwan)
  • DAB/FM (Models for U.K., Europe, Russia and Australia)
  1. Select a radio station.
  • To specify a frequency and select a radio station, press the cursor keys (e/r) repeatedly. You can also search for stations automatically by long-pressing the cursor keys (e/r).
  • To select a registered radio station, press the PRESET key and choose the desired preset number. To go back to selecting stations via frequency, press the RETURN key.
  • The FM radio reception mode (stereo/mono) can be set via “FM Mode” in the Option menu. When reception of an FM radio is unstable, it may help to switch to mono reception.
  • You can check reception strength of each DAB channel label. Select “Tune AID” in the Option menu.