Displaying the Radio Data System information

(U.K., Europe, Russia and Middle East models only)

Radio Data System is a data transmission system used by FM stations in many countries. The unit can receive various types of Radio Data System data, such as “Program Service”, “Program Type”, “Radio Text” and “Clock Time”, when it is tuned into a Radio Data System broadcasting station.

  1. Tune into the desired Radio Data System broadcasting station.
  • We recommend using “Auto Preset” to tune into the Radio Data System broadcasting stations. For details, see the following:
  1. Press INFO on the front panel to select between the various display items.
  • About 3 seconds after a display item is selected, its corresponding information appears.

Program Service

Program service name

Program Type

Current program type

Radio Text

Information on the current program

Clock Time

Current time

DSP Program

Sound mode name

Audio Decoder

Decoder name



Program Service”, “Program Type”, “Radio Text”, and “Clock Time” are not displayed if the radio station does not provide the Radio Data System service.