Selecting a frequency for reception

You can tune into a radio station by specifying its frequency.

  • The radio frequencies differ depending on the country or region where the unit is being used. The explanation of this section uses a display with frequencies used in U.K. and Europe models.
  1. Press FM/AM to select “TUNER” as the input source.
  • TUNER” is selected as the input source and the frequency currently selected is displayed on the front display.
  1. Press TUNING to set a frequency.
  • Hold down the key for about a second to search stations automatically.
  • On the front display, “TUNED” lights up when the unit is receiving an FM/AM radio station signal.
  • STEREO” lights up when the unit is receiving a stereo FM radio signal.
  • You can watch videos input from external devices while listening to radio. For details, see the following: