Registering a radio station manually

Select a radio station manually and register it to a preset number.

You can register up to 40 radio stations as presets.
  1. Press FM/AM to select “TUNER” as the input source.
  • TUNER” is selected as the input source and the frequency currently selected is displayed on the front display.
  1. Press TUNING to set a frequency.
  • Hold down the key for about a second to search stations automatically.
  1. Hold down MEMORY for a few seconds.
  • The first time that you do register a station, the selected radio station will be registered to the preset number “01”. Thereafter, each radio station you select will be registered to the next empty (unused) preset number after the most recently registered number.
To select a preset number for registering, press MEMORY once after tuning into the desired radio station, press PRESET to select a preset number, and then press MEMORY again.
  • This completes the registers.