Connecting Zone B speakers

Connect the device that will be used in Zone B to the unit.

  • Remove the unit’s power cable from the AC wall outlet before connecting speakers.
  • Ensure that the bare wires of the speaker cable do not touch one another or come into contact with the unit’s metal parts. Doing so may damage the unit or the speakers. If the speaker cables short circuit, “Check SP Wires” will appear on the front display when the unit is turned on.

Connect the speakers placed in Zone B to the unit with speaker cables.

To utilize the SURROUND/BI-AMP/ZONE B terminals for Zone B speakers, set “Power Amp Assign” in the “Setup” menu to “Zone B” after connecting the power cable to an AC wall outlet. For details, see the following:

  • The following speakers cannot be connected simultaneously.
  • Zone B speakers
  • Bi-amp speakers