Adjusting the brightness of the front display

Adjusts the brightness of the following on the front panel. Higher value brightens the front display.

  • Front display

Setup menu

System” > “Display Settings” > “Dimmer

Front Display menu


Setting range

-5 to 0

  • The front display is turned off by “-5”. The default setting is “-2”.
  • Though you set “Dimmer” to “-5”, short message and menu on the front display will be displayed in brightness “-4”.
  • If you set “Dimmer” to “-5”, it is incomprehensible that the power of the unit is set to on. Pay attention to forget to turn off the unit. We recommend setting “Auto Power Standby” in the "Setup" menu to besides “Off”.
  • The setting brightness may become dark when “ECO Mode” is set to “On”.
  • The setting of “Dimmer” in the “Setup” menu is interlocked with the setting of “Dimmer” in the “Front Display” menu.
  • You can set “Dimmer” using the color keys on the remote control when “Remote Color Key” in the “Setup” menu is set to “Display Control”.