Auto-registering FM radio stations (auto preset)

This function automatically registers the FM stations with the strongest signal to preset numbers.

  1. Switch the input to “TUNER”.
  1. Press the OPTION key.
  1. Select “Auto Preset” with the cursor keys (q/w) and then press the ENTER key.
  1. Use the cursor keys (q/w) to select a preset number for starting the auto preset process.
  1. Press the ENTER key.
  • Auto presetting begins and “Searching” is shown during the auto preset process.
  • Once auto preset is complete, “Finished” is displayed and the Option menu closes automatically.
  • A maximum of 40 radio stations can be registered.
  • To cancel auto preset, press the RETURN key.
  • (Models for U.K., Europe and Russia) Only Radio Data System broadcasting stations are registered automatically by the Auto Preset function.