SEQTRAK User Guide

15. Settings

15.1 Restoring the Factory Defaults (Factory Reset)

To restore SEQTRAK settings and data to the factory defaults (initialization), simultaneously Hold down the [SAMPLER] knob and the [UNDO/REDO] button and turn on SEQTRAK.


During initialization, the Global Meter light in red. After initialization is complete, the unit will start up.

15.2 Changing the Sensitivity Settings of the Track Knobs

You can use the SEQTRAK app to change the sensitivity settings of the Track knobs.

15.3 Configuring MIDI Settings

15.3.1 Setting the MIDI clock

The MIDI clock controls the timing information of the MIDI system. This makes it possible to perform along with the same tempo and timing when connected to different MIDI devices or software. You can use the SEQTRAK app to set the MIDI clock.

15.3.2 Setting MIDI output filters

The output of a variety of MIDI data from SEQTRAK can be selectively turned on and off. You can use the SEQTRAK app to set MIDI output filters.