When a problem occurs: Alexa does not respond when called

Possible causes for this problem are as follows: Try the solutions that correspond to the cause.

  • The microphones on the sound bar are turned off.
  • Alexa listens to your voice through the microphones built into the sound bar. Turn on the microphones so that Alexa can function. For details on control operations, refer to the User Guide of your product.
  • The sound bar is not connected to a network.
  • Alexa uses Internet communication. Connect the sound bar to a network so that Alexa can function. For details on how to connect, refer to the User Guide of your product.
  • Ambient noise is too loud.
  • Alexa cannot hear commands when there is loud ambient noise. Eliminate the cause of the noise or speak more loudly and clearly.
  • Alexa cannot hear the voice calling out “Alexa,”.
  • Operate the remote control or the controls of the sound bar to make Alexa start listening for a command, and then speak to the sound bar. For more information, refer to the User Guide of your product.
  • The language setting for Alexa is different from the language being spoken to Alexa.
  • Select the appropriate language in the following menu of the Sound Bar Controller app.
  • ~ (Settings) > Amazon Alexa Settings > Amazon Alexa Language
  • Your sound bar is being used in an area where Alexa is not provided.
  • Alexa is only provided in certain areas. Alexa may not be available in some countries or regions where the sound bar is used.
    As of January 2023, the service is provided in the following areas:
    • Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, UK, Australia, India, Japan, and New Zealand
  • An Amazon account is not set up on the sound bar.
  • An Amazon account is required to call Alexa on the sound bar. Set up your Amazon account from the Amazon Alexa menu in the Sound Bar Controller app.