When a problem occurs: Alexa does not function as instructed

Possible causes for this problem are as follows: Try the solutions that correspond to the cause.

  • Ambient noise is too loud.
  • Alexa cannot hear commands when there is loud ambient noise. Eliminate the cause of the noise or speak more loudly and clearly.
  • The language setting for Alexa is different from the language being spoken to Alexa.
  • Select the appropriate language in the following menu of the Sound Bar Controller app.
  • ~ (Settings) > Amazon Alexa Settings > Amazon Alexa Language
  • Alexa cannot understand your questions or commands.
    • Use a more natural tone of voice and speak clearly.
    • Try rephrasing your question or commands in different words or making it more specific.
    • When giving commands to the Amazon Alexa app or another Alexa Built-in device to control the sound bar, use the name you set as the name of the sound bar in the Amazon Alexa app.
  • The required Alexa skills have not been added.
  • Some functions may require additional Alexa skills. If so, add the necessary Alexa skills.
  • “Adding functions to Alexa”
  • Your sound bar does not support the function commanded via Alexa.
  • Some functions supported by other Alexa Built-in devices are not supported by your sound bar.
  • The sound bar volume does not increase to the maximum when commanded to do so via Alexa.
  • When using the Multi-Room Music function on SR-X50A, SR-X40A, or ATS-X500, the maximum volume that can be set is limited. This is due to the product specifications.