19. I/O Interface: Rio3224-D2 / Rio1608-D2

19.1. Overview

This is a Dante-compatible I/O rack for use in mixing systems. Input from analog terminals can be converted to Dante output, and Dante input can be converted to output to analog terminals.
Because the Rio3224-D2 is equipped with 8-channel AES/EBU output, it can also convert Dante inputs to digital outputs (AES/EBU).

19.2. "Project" sheet

When placing devices, the Settings screen shown below will be displayed.

project rio settings
  • Number of Devices
    Selects the number of Rio units placed on the sheet.

  • Unit ID Starting From
    You can select the starting number for the device Unit IDs.

  • Device Name
    The device name can be displayed and edited.

19.3. Editor

Double clicking a device on the Project sheet will directly open the editor.
The Rio1608-D2 displays 16Ch, and the Rio3224-D2 displays 32Ch.

  • +48V ACTIVE
    Displays whether the phantom function of the device is enabled or disabled.

  • [+48V] button
    Switches the HA phantom power supply (+48 V) ON and OFF. When the device’s phantom function is enabled, the ON for this button is enabled.

  • [PEAK HOLD] button
    When this button is set to ON, the peak of each level meter is retained. When it is turned OFF, the retained peaks are deleted.

  • [A.GAIN] knob
    The HA analog gain can be adjusted.

  • [GC] indicator / gain value
    The ON/OFF status of gain compensation for the R series (AD/DA) is displayed. When gain compensation is ON, the gain value fixed by gain compensation is displayed.

  • [HPF] button
    When this is turned ON (illuminated), a high-pass filter can be applied to the audio signal.

  • [Freq.] knob
    The frequency band for high-pass filtering can be adjusted.

19.4. Context menu

When you right-click on a Ch space in the Editor, the following context menu will be displayed.

Menu Details


The LCD display of the selected device’s main unit and the indicators linked to the Ch flash simultaneously.