20. I/O Interface: Tio1608-D / Tio1608-D2

20.1. Overview

The Tio series is a Dante-compatible I/O rack with 16 mic/line inputs and 8 line outputs.
By using the Tio series, the system can be easily expanded to build a stage box system with a maximum of 40 In/24 Out.

20.2. "Project" sheet

When placing devices, the Settings screen shown below will be displayed.

project tio settings
  • Number of Devices
    Selects the number of Tio units placed on the sheet.

  • Unit ID Starting From
    You can select the starting number for the device Unit IDs.

  • Device Name
    The device name can be displayed and edited.

20.3. Editor

Double clicking a device on the Project sheet will directly open the editor.


The functions and method of use are the same as the [Rio] editor.