22. Powered Speakers: VXL1-16P

22.1. Overview

This is a Dante powered speaker using a PoE power supply.

22.2. "Project" sheet

When placing devices, the Settings screen shown below will be displayed.

project vxl settings
  • Number of Devices
    Selects the number of VXL1-16P units placed on the sheet.

  • Unit ID Starting From
    You can select the starting number for the device Unit IDs.

When the dipswitch on the device’s main unit is set to "RESERVED," the device’s UNIT ID can be set to a value other than 101 to 115 (hexadecimal: 65 to 73) using the "Network" area > Unit ID button on the Project sheet.
  • Device Name
    The device name can be displayed and edited.

22.3. Device sheet screen configuration

When the XL1-16P device sheet is opened, the device sheet and the "Bird’s Eye view" will be displayed.
When you double-click a component in the device sheet, the component editor opens.

vxl1 16p sheet

Bird’s Eye view
This shows an overview of the sheet.

22.4. Component editors

When you double-click a component in the device sheet, the component editor opens.
This section describes the VXL1-16P component editor, and the dialogs and windows that are closely associated with the components. For details about other components, refer to the "ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide" ."

component vxl1 16p 1
Number Component name Details Link

Dante In

Displays the audio signal level for the 2 channels input from the [Dante] terminal and adjusts the gain.



Adjusts the compressor that compresses dynamic range.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"


Sets whether the enhancer is enabled or disabled. This is a process that mixes in sounds beyond the low-frequency and high-frequency fundamental tones that are not output from the speakers to make it sound as if low-frequency and high-frequency sounds are being output.



Adjusts the signal level of the input channel.


3 Band EQ

Adjusts the 3-band equalizer of the input channel.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"


This outputs a sine wave used to check the operation of the connected speakers and the acoustic characteristics of the venue.


Noise Gate

Sets the noise gate.


Ducker w/NG

Sets the ducker and noise gate.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"


Assigns input channels and oscillator outputs to output channels.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"

10 Band EQ

Adjusts the output channel’s 10-band EQ.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"


Sets the output channel delay.

"ProVisionaire Design DME7 Component Guide"

Main Fader

Adjusts the output level.


Analog Out

Outputs the analog output signal to the amplifier component.