26. External Device: Speakers

26.1. Overview

For speakers placed on the Project sheet, by connecting to a PC Series or other amplifier, the PC-D amplifier speaker processor can be opened.

overview speaker

26.2. "Project" sheet

When placing the speaker, the Settings screen shown below is displayed.

  • Number of Devices
    Selects the number of speakers placed on the sheet.

  • [4way/3way/2way/1way] option button
    Selects the speaker configuration.

26.3. "Properties" area

Displays/edits the speaker information.

properties speakers
  • Model
    When clicked, the form ten button is displayed.
    form ten When the [image] button is clicked, the dialog is displayed, and the selected speaker type can be changed.

properties speakers2
  • Label
    Any text string can be displayed or edited for the speaker.

26.4. "Recall Speaker Preset(s)" dialog box

Here you can change the speaker library.
This dialog box appears when you right-click a speaker that is connected to a PC-series device and choose [Recall Speaker Preset(s)].

  • Library
    For each connector, indicates the library item that is specified. Immediately after the dialog box appears, the default library item is shown.

  • [LIST] button
    Selects and shows library items.

  • [OK] button
    Specifies a library item and closes the dialog box.

  • [Cancel] button
    Closes the dialog box without specifying a library item.